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Thread: Nested Families - Associate Family Parameter option missing

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    Default Nested Families - Associate Family Parameter option missing

    Hello everybody,

    I am very new to revit, so this my first message. I hope it will be for the best.

    I just discovered the shared parameters in Revit, so I decided to split the families I create.
    In my example, I decided to make 1 family with the window hole in the wall, and a second family with the window frame itself.
    Obviously, the frame size of family B must take its values from family A, so I created 2 shared parameters for length and height. Everything went fine, I could chose the shared parameter when doing my frame family, but when placing my second family into the first one, the distances just don't update.
    Actually I've done a test with avery simple cube, sharing the paramaters with another family and it just worked, but in that case, (and this is my question) there was a button called "Associate Family Parameter" I could use to reassociate the parameters (this button is located on the right side of your parameters of your family when you go into "edit type").

    In the case of my window, this button just goes missing. Does anyone know what happens.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Nested Families - Associate Family Parameter option missing


    The "Associate Family Parameter" is only available for the nested family, so if you load the frame family into the opening family, you'll need select your loaded frame family and edit type.
    You'll be able to link the parameters together.

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