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    Default Beam tag

    When I place beam tag at start of beam it displays as question mark.

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    Default Re: Beam tag

    You need to provide more information please.

    You have a beam placed in Revit and you place a beam tag and it displays a question mark?
    Are the beam(s) and tags OOTB entitites?
    What should the beam tag show?

    Can you upload a sample of what you're talking about, like a small revit file?
    And/or a screen shot?
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    Default Re: Beam tag

    This is simple, you haven't given the beam a number yet, depending on what your tag reads, this may either be entering something like "B1" into the mark, or comments fields.
    If the field is blank, it will give a ? by default. I like to edit my tag so that the default says B? (if you edit the label you can change what it displays when there is no field filled out).

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