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Thread: I wish dimesions to be more customizable and flexible

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    Lightbulb I wish dimesions to be more customizable and flexible

    For example
    - Witness lines should have the property, to have different color and line style.
    - Leader line may be disabled or enabled for a dimension type.
    - When text doesn't fit inside witness lines, it may be moved outside to a specified direction with a specific offset.
    - Dimensions should have the ability to get split into two parts.
    - Exporting a dwg shouldn't create tens of different dim. styles so one can manage them if needed.
    - Copy/Paste operation should be more accurate in finding new hosts for copied dimensions.
    - Dimensions should have the ability to be aligned with align tool.

    I'll appreciate it if any of the above gets implemented

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    Default Re: I wish dimesions to be more customizable and flexible

    And that Witness Lines could be orphaned.

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