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Thread: Standard for US drawings title block - binding strip dimension

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    Default Standard for US drawings title block - binding strip dimension

    The title kind of says it all.
    I'm in the process of updating our title blocks to give them a slightly larger binding strip due to complaints from PAs and PMs that on half size sets the binding strip covers up some of the drawing area.
    Currently we use a standard of 1 1/2" for the binding strip.
    Is there any industry standard for dimension of the binding strip that we should be using?

    I looked at a piece of standard binding and where the creases are it would appear to be 1" of cover. So I think I'm going to use 2" so at half size, I still have an inch.
    Any advice would be helpful.
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    Default Re: Standard for US drawings title block - binding strip dimension

    the commercial pre-printed binding strips we buy are 3 in wide total (11" length for binding AnsiB 11x17 sets) between the creases is 3/8", so depending on the number of sheets being bound, the covered up edge could be anywhere from 1.5" to under an inch.
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    Default Re: Standard for US drawings title block - binding strip dimension

    We get around that through some dimensional discrepancies. Our drawings are A1, when printing reduced size it goes onto an 11x17 which is slightly wider/shorter in aspect ratio. By printing upside down it provides more than sufficient distance for binding without buggering about with plot offsets or building in extra space between the trim and drawing border.
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    Default Re: Standard for US drawings title block - binding strip dimension

    We have a 1.5" allowance for binding on full-size prints and do not do anything special for half-size. My set typically was unbound and held together with clips so that revised sheets can be swapped in and void sheets "retired" to a separate void set, so I guess I really never worried much about how the binding worked on half-size sets.
    David Koch

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