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Thread: Plotting true color lines are grayed out, and index colors are different on different HP Plotters

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    Default Plotting true color lines are grayed out, and index colors are different on different HP Plotters

    We used to use color plot styles but since ACAD 2015, the color selector seems to default to true colors, not indexed colors, so a number of drawings have been prepared using true colors without realising.
    So for example our electrical layer, which we used to plot in BLUE to distinguish on the printouts, still looks blue on the monitor, but because a true colour blue was used, it actually comes out a greyish pink when plotting!
    We've therefore changed to named plot styles, because all the true colors come out weird using the old .ctb color plot style

    This improves things a bit but brings new problems:

    When I plot to my A4 HP Officejet Pro, index (the old standard range 0-255) and True Colors (those that specify R,G,B),
    all seem to print reasonably.

    When I plot to my HP designjet 500 (24" roll for A1 drawings etc), True colors are significantly grayed out, and the chroma of colours is generally reduced so for example a bright blue true color becomes a mid purplish gray.
    In Autocad plotter properties this was with color matching set to "sRGB".
    I have changed this to "Managed by application", and the false purple cast is reduced, but True colors become even greyer with even less of the intended hue and saturation showing.

    Both printers are using HP inks. Both printers plot reasonably close colors in other applications.

    Has anybody else had this problem with true colours plotting gray on large format printers?
    Anyone any idea why true color has this issue?
    Anyone know of or can think of some settings in ACAD that might adjust how true color is plotted?

    I hope you can reply with any thoughts or suggestions of what I can try.


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    Default Re: Plotting true color lines are grayed out, and index colors are different on different HP Plotters

    If you TrueColor Blue is plotting a gray-pink, then there's something very wrong that has nothing to do with ctb vs stb. TrueColors will always plot with their color values is you are using a ctb.
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