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Thread: Dialog box does not display when using commands like - Open / SaveAs

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    Default Dialog box does not display when using commands like - Open / SaveAs

    Chances are the system variable FILEDIA is turned off.

    From AutoCAD help:
    Type: Integer
    Saved in: Registry
    Initial value: 1

    Suppresses display of file navigation dialog boxes and the Create New Drawing dialog boxes.

    0 Does not display dialog boxes. You can still request a file dialog box to appear by entering a tilde (~) in response to the command's prompt. The same is true for AutoLISP and ADS functions.

    1 Displays dialog boxes. However, if a script or AutoLISP/ObjectARX program is active, AutoCAD displays an ordinary prompt.
    To turn FILEDIA back on:
    At the command prompt type FILEDIA. Then type 1.
    Enter new value for FILEDIA <0>: 1
    The following is from this post made by Opie that can help keep FILEDIA set to 1. (Thanks to Tim Creary for the idea for adding this to this FAQ)
    Quote Originally Posted by Opie
    Placing the following code into your ACADDOC.LSP file will help reduce this problem. It can still happen during the current drawing, but opening another drawing or starting a new drawing should return the FILEDIA system variable back to the expected setting.
    (if (zerop (getvar "FILEDIA")) (setvar "FILEDIA" 1))
    An other method for dealing with this issue / problem...

    Missing Dialog Boxes got you down? via Beside the Cursor

    Autodesk Knowledge Base:

    ID: TS37941 - Options display on the command line when starting a new drawing

    ID: TS44816 - Save or Save As dialog box is not displayed

    ID: TS65989 - Commands only work from the command line (no dialog boxes are displayed)

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