Small exercise to clarify the history of Revit new features up till today that made it possible to really use Revit Structures rather than Autocad to document a project.

I reckon that they nailed it around 2012 when annotation was really fixed and DWG export really improved so that way Autocad was a viable backup if things weren't working in the drawings.


Revit v1.0 (2005)
Strong import of DWG files directly.

Revit Series 8.1 (2005)
Layer naming
automatic updates to cross references
work in 2d, 3d or both
changes in one view, propogate to all views
advanced annotion and dimensioning tools (what does that mean?)

Revit building 9.1 (2006)
DWG units can be defined ti imperial
section lines snap orthagonal to walls
revision clouds and tags are seperate, turn off clouds and tags remain
filled regions have area paremetre
Link to FM desktop (where did that go?)
Selecting units for DWG export
Export room and area properties to DWF
Hiding elevation tags at a certain scale
Autoclean up of joints to concrete beam/column
sketching beam directions notation possible
different option displayes for hidden, non rectangular concrete beams

Revit 2008
Color fill enhancements
Revit groups of objects (can be turned into .rvt file)
dependant views - large projects
graphical overides of single elements in drawings
file linking

Revit Structure 2009
swept blends
view cube and steering wheel
Revision block - reorder revisions in title block
room tag improvmenets, tag all ,rotate, align,
dimension improvements, additional types, edit strings, text suffix and prefix
Gapped grid lines, surface patterns,
Beam cutbacks
Rebar shape browser
rebar cover
rebar shape handles
rebar layour rules
rebar visibility

Revit 2010
Beam to column connections extension
Bridge extension
Divide surface
Ribbon Arrives
Quick acces bar

Revit 2011
Ribbon and UI contextual display
Worksets and linking
Graphical display
Conceptual massing
Parameter reporting
Mental ray rendering
**Repeat last command, and last five
Export DWG improvements (first real progress made) Truecolor, text treatments
Slanted columns
Beam systems
Concrete rebar
Analytical model
Better concrete join cleanup

Guide grids for aligning views
Connection symbols
Beam systems annotation
Text enhancements
Added the ability to create text notes with bullets and numbering (see new ribbon controls).
Added the ability to specify leader attachment points on a text note (see new ribbon controls and instance properties).
Added the ability to put a box around a text note (see type properties).
Added the ability to adjust the distance between the leader end and the text note (see type properties).
Added Find/Replace text functionality (see new ribbon control).
Added options for exporting text to CAD formats to maintain Visual or Functional fidelity.
Tags, custome elevation marks
Create placeholder sheets, then turn into real sheets later

Revit 2012
Worksharing enhancements
Revit server
Citrix ready
Point cloud support
Materail and paint tools

DWG export improvements; style based notation etc
Tags across linked files
Dimension enhancements (overide text fields)
Leader lines (curves, arc, line)

Revit 2013
View templates
DGN export
DWG export improvements
IFC improvements
Materials data
Divide by parts, merge parts
Assembly views
Stairs and railings (component based, not sketchu based)
Rebar snapping, alignment
rebar units for rebar
hosting of rebar
fabric reinforcement
Analytical links

Remove dimension from dimension string by delete
Finally a diametre dimension

Revit 2014
analytical model control
join order fixing
rebar formula
rebar tagging of multi rebar
modelling location line can be changed
3d view improvements

Revit 2015
Link IFC's
Rebar reinforcement of part
Presentation of rebar sets
Rebar numbering and multi-bar annotation
Structural section propoerties
Pinned elements
Cloud improvements - drawings only
Enhanced schedules and material takeoffs
Images in schedules - drawings
tag improvements
Structural element graphical display

Revit 2016
A360 Collaboration for Revit
Navigation speed
Reveal constraints
IFC hosting of facebased families
Shaft opening fixes
Link positioning elemants
Rebar Performance Improvement
Rebar Constraint Manager Enhancement
Reinforcement Rounding Methods
Define Rebar in Plan and Elevation Views of Concrete Elements
Flip Structural Framing End
Snaps on Model Lines

Revision handling - numeric numbering, alphabetic numbering, prefix, suffix
Tag Enhancements for Additional Parameter, Elevation at Top for Wall Foundation etc