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    So, I posted a suggestion in the "Wish list" located here :

    It was closed and stated that it is already part of the software. I am using the latest release of 2016 and as far as i know you cannot edit the profile of a curved wall WITHOUT have to made a void cut or several located off a reference plane NOR can walls clean up to a stair like they do to a ceiling or roof. If i am missing something please let me know otherwise im not sure that my wishlist should be locked.

    thanks for the heads up or ... learn from, which ever this works out to be.

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    This response is a little late but the way you are suggesting to do this with edit profile of a wall is essentially impossible unless using pick line to get it to follow a curve slope exactly.

    The way to do this currently is by creating a swept blend sweeping from short wall profile to tall wall profile along the curve and then after you can create a wall by face to get the desired outcome.

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    Thanks, @marmiketin. You're correct. And, sorry @schilds937, you're wish didn't get answered quite correctly. Yes, there are methods to manipulate profiles of curved walls in Revit, using other functions, as suggested by @marmiketin. Some are more advanced than others, but the short answer is that it doesn't exist within the Modify Walls menu, and you need to start from a different place (e.g., Massing).

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