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Thread: Revit for Residential projects

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    Default Revit for Residential projects

    Just looking to get some insight from some others on this forum. I'm an MEP engineer who has been working in Revit since Revit 2010. I've found that a lot of the architect's that we work with are sticking with CAD and are hesitant to switch over. For the high-end residential projects that we work on we have been using Revit regardless of getting the arch. and structural in CAD. We find it to be an easier work flow. Any architect's out there doing high-end residential work in Revit? What LOD do you find yourself working towards? We are somewhere between 200 and 300 as I don't think there are resi contractors looking to do take-offs from the models yet but I could be wrong.

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    Default Re: Revit for Residential projects

    Not an architect but i would love to see residential home builders use revit more. I thik some of the larger home builders are finally making the move, but not enough.

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