Good morning (afternoon, or night) Revit users.

I have been working on a project which is composed of both CAD and Revit links. My Revit links linked no problem as always, but after about 10 floors of CAD Files, i go to press Add and no window pops up to locate my file. Its just frozen and I have to press escape to make Revit responsive again (almost as if the pop up box is appearing behind the scenes but not on my monitor). I did a test and removed a CAD link thinking there may be too many links, but I am still not able to get the "Add..." button to work? If i flip back over to Revit links and press "Add..." it works as its suppose to but for some reason my CAD links will not give me the window to select the CAD file to link!

Any thoughts on why this is happening or any solutions? I've tried working off the local copy/central copy/restarted Revit/restarted my computer/look for a guide on the internet (couldnt find one) and nothing happens! Any help would be appreciated!