I have a piece of my program that creates a transaction, allows the user to select a bunch of polylines on the screen and then from that transaction it goes through each entity selected and gathers the total area of all of the polylines in the set. Then it creates another transaction that opens the modelspace object for writing and adds a piece of text that tells you the total area in square feet. Everything here works great. However, I want the program to now get the area of each polyline as it iterates through the entities in the selection set and then immediately open the modelsapce object for write and add the area text for that particular polyline in the selected set. Seems simple with the code I already have but for some reason it keeps throwing an error stating eAlreadyInDb or that the operation failed because of the state of the object. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I'm opening the database for "write" over and over again with each entity but I wrap that into the second transaction that commits it and moves on to the next entity... What am I missing?