I have this 5 acre parcel of land that i am subdividing into 10 lots with a road down the middle terminating in a cul-de-sac.
being such a small piece, i decided to divide it using old school methods (not utilizing the parcel tools). after dividing the property
into 10 lots with a road down the middle, i decided to annotate the distances using the 2 point line command. once completed,
i thought i would use the parcel tools to show the area of each lot. so i copied the linework (simple lines, not polylines) off to the
side and used the create parcels from object to turn everything into parcels and show the area of each lot.

then, i decided i would move the linework with dimensions on top of the parcels. well, that didn't work because the 2 point annotation didn't move with the linework. not sure why.
then i decided to move the parcels on top of the linework. voila!! no problem, until i noticed something didn't look right. after zooming in really tight on one of the corners of the perimeter
i noticed a gap, like there were two separated lines, not one on top of the other like you would think.

granted, after i changed my units precision to 4 decimal places and measured the gap it was 0.0009'. i know this is minuscule, but I don't know why this occurred.

the linework was an exact copy of the parcel layout, but when overlayed it is different.

any thoughts?