Desperately need some assistance as I have been scouring the internet to no avail on the following issue:

When opening three workset enabled .rvt files received from the design firm, after specifying the desired worksets to open, Revit goes through the act of opening the file (progress up to roughly 18%), when suddenly an error message pops up "This workset configuration has no views that can be opened. Please select a different configuration." This occurs no matter if I open all worksets, one workset, or even no worksets.

All three the files are able to be linked to other models, with model elements visible in 3d. Two of the files are able to bind and ungroup within a different model, thus enabling me to modify the files (albeit loosing the original worksets) however the third one refuses to bind as well, error "Unable to bind the selected links". Game Over.

Platform: Revit 2015
File size: 51.3MB~98.5MB

Any ideas of what could be wrong or where to turn to would be appreciated!