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Thread: Odd things when importing IFC

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    Default Odd things when importing IFC


    I'm producing IFC's from the arch model to the MEP consultant in our project. The model is rotated 30 degrees and when MEP opens the IFC in Revit, Revit can't find the room boundaires. We did a test where I just exported exactly the same model without rotation and Revit could now find the boundaries.

    My question is what triggers this behaviour? The IFC-model is top notch and the project is in fact rotated (it's a part of a bigger building that has quite odd geometry).


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    Default Re: Odd things when importing IFC

    Hi, you might want to repost here: a more IFC/Revit specific forum.

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    Default Re: Odd things when importing IFC

    What is the source program for the IFC? Archicad, etc?

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