Hello. I keep getting a revit fatal error with no suggestions after I submit the error report. I started rendering my old thesis project which was in an upgraded 2013 revit file. I switched to the revit default sample house to ensure the problem was not my file.
If I have the settings set to time based or number of passes, it will go maybe 10% of the way and then just skip to 100% and say it is done. I also had that happen with mental ray in older revit versions.
If I set it to render forever it will go and then I will get the fatal error. I have gotten the error at 2 minutes, 7, 33, and 60. Always at 300dpi and advanced detail. The 60min run I set the affinity so that revit only had 7 of my 8 CPU cores. My system is not overheating and revit is the only thing that crashes.
With previous revit versions if I reverted my CPU overclock back to stock settings it ran fine. I will try that in revit 2017 tonight. It is just kind of annoying that the cpu running faster would make revit crash. If it was a problem with my overclock then the system would BSOD.

FX 8370 @4.8GHz
Windows 10 pro 64bit
Revit student 2017 (will check service pack)