Hey AUGI Community,

I've recently come across the following clash detection video on autodesks website, but it is extremely vague, and doesnt really give a tutorial for first timers (it kind of assumes you have anything set up already/have used it before). The video is below;


I am curious of 2 things...

1) Does anyone have the XML map known as exchange_Map/know where to download it as seen in the video (found at 0:52-1:37)?

2) Does anyone have the Dynamo project that he is using for this (found at 1:42-2:46) or know where I can access it? I'm kind of new to dynamo and I'm not sure I can recreate that

The ability to view clashes as seen in this video would be a HUGE time saver as I can instantly port over to the clash within Revit and fix it in real time 3D, rather than having to locate the floor/gridlines the clash is on, then cut sections/create 3D views to fix the issue.

Thanks in advance for your help
Robert Allan