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Thread: Polyline controls Viewport - But how?

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    Default Polyline controls Viewport - But how?

    Hi all,
    I am not sure how this happened, but I like the result of having a viewport that clips when I move the polyline somehow associated with it.

    OK...I understand I can place a viewport on a layout, and then draw a polyline to use as a clipping boundary. But, how is it that I ended up with one viewport that actually is being controlled by the polyline as I drag it around? I have a hunch it is tied to my activity of copy/clipping from one file to another, but I don't know. Regardless, I like the affect. As it is, if I hover my cursor over and select the polyline, and look at the quick properties dialog box, I can see that two (2) objects are selected - a polyline, and a viewport. If I select either one, and erase it, both disappear. Can anyone tell me more about this behavior, and how to replicate it, please? Thanks!
    Matthew Miles,

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    Default Re: Polyline controls Viewport - But how?

    Check out online help for -VPORTS command:
    The two options to create a viewport like that are Object & Polygonal.
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