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Thread: road staking out- setting out problem

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    Default road staking out- setting out problem

    we are running C3D2017 & have a road design that is made of LH corridor & RH corridor format together with a centreline alignment but are having problems getting the data extracted so the surveyor can stake out/set out the road edges/ curbs/ channels/ storm drains. We can do a report for the centre line alignment using station/chainages with set distance offsets, the problem is this report doesn't give us transition points, eg. the point from a curb/ kerb straight string to curve string & vice versa or where the road widens & narrows each side, also we cant extract the low points for storm drains around these curbs/kerbs. Surely there must be a report for the road edges as how can you stake/set out a road from just a centreline or are we building the model wrong & should be using something other than corridors like doing the edges as alignments??

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    Welcome to AUGI and congrats on your first post.
    I'm not sure if it helps in your situation, but what we do for road staking is to place points in the drawing and then export a point file. There are several tools that can be used to place the points at the elevation of the surface created by a corridor, or to generate a feature line and place points on the feature line.
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    do you mean manually like this?

    isnt it strange that you can go to all the trouble of designing a road yet there is no custom report to build it!!!
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