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Thread: Linetypes of Xref drawing misbehaving when plotting

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    Default Re: Linetypes of Xref drawing misbehaving when plotting

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    Default Re: Linetypes of Xref drawing misbehaving when plotting

    We have encountered a similar issue with Civil 3D 2017. We have traced the cause to using reference styles in drawings that are attached as xrefs. It appears that Civil 3D is unable to correctly read or apply reference styles when the drawing is externally referenced.

    We removed style references from all xref drawings and this problem went away.

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    Default Re: Linetypes of Xref drawing misbehaving when plotting

    Quote Originally Posted by rfazio708529 View Post
    I think you are missing my point. The screen shot from Civil 3D is what is should look like. (dashed lines for the contours) The PDF attached is showing what they look like in plot preview and when plotted. I have tried with four different plotters and the same results. Solid lines instead of dashed on the surface contours.

    All display setting are the same as you suggested and the graphics card meet the recommended requirement. This has not been a issue until Civil 3D 2018 Everything worked fine in 2017. And it is only a problem when the surface is xrefed into another drawing. It works fine in the drawing where the surface was created.
    This doesn't address your issue, but I think these are good practices that will help keep Civil 3D problems to a minimum:

    1. Never XREF a Civil 3D object; always use data shortcuts. This will make for a lot more DWG files, but not extra time. You will save time by reducing potential problems.
    2. Think of the files where the Civil 3D object is created as "DWG files". These files are not "drawings"; they are tools to create Civil 3D objects. Drawings are created from other DWG files.
    3. Never XREF Civil 3D labels. Only create Civil 3D labels in the DWG file used to create final drawings.

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