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Thread: backwards compatibility

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    I have an engineer in another of our offices who as been doing work in C3d-2018. However, we have a client who has not upgraded and is still using C3d-2015. My engineer has had some issues trying to save our drawings down to something our client can use. How can we do this?

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    The way i understand it is you can save down or export to an early version of autocad, but only the autocad entities are usable. C3D objects ( c3d2017 & c3d2018 ) are not backward compatible.
    a work around that i've read about is to export to a landxml file and import that. problem is you have to pretty much rebuild everything from the xml file. I haven't tried that so i'm no expert on the subject.

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    You can Export it as a 2013 AutoCAD drawing, but your client will never be able to do any Civil 3D with anything older than C3d-2018. Best to keep older versions installed for that purpose.
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    if you set PROXYGRAPHICS to 1, they can see your AEC objects so it can be round tripped, but as Tom and RMK said, they will never be able to edit them.
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    The drawing can be saved down to a 2013 format, but all of 2018 entities will be proxy entities and and not usable. The best thing to do is save it as a .dxf. All linework and visual things are there, but the embeded information such as surfaces, alignments and parcels and points will have to be recreated. Everything in a 2018 drawing has changed. The entity code set as well as the save format. 2018 drawings are totally unusable by anyone who doesn't have 2018. Autodesk in their infinite wisdom has F'ed us all. I would say if you can keep using the version your client is using. The same is happening to us. The only way we get around this is saving to a .dxf.

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