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Thread: How to measure Revit use commercially?

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    Default How to measure Revit use commercially?

    We, a contractor, were using auto cad for creating drawings. And we give 3 sheets per week as target for each Draftsman. And we record the work commercially as number of sheets.
    But now we started revit, we have more investment, like salary for revit modelers are higher, appointed a BIM Engineer, and provide training for staff, upgrading PCs. Etc.
    But still we are measuring as number of sheets.
    We know that there is advantages with Revit. But I don't know how to answer my commercial manager for his records. He is asking if the result is same then why I spend more money. If there is other benefit then tell how to measure and record it for annual financial audit. If we use revit, we must get extra income from client to meet the new extra cost.
    So dear revit experts, kindly help me to answer my Commercial manager about how to measure Revit performance?
    How do you allocate the cost of BIM Engineer and the staff salary that is much higher than a normal Autocad operator?
    How to claim extra for using Revit.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Abdu Shaheed from dubai

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    Default Re: How to measure Revit use commercially?

    I have a difficult answer to your question. Lets begin with a "revit modeler". What is their actual role in your organization? If the answer is that they are draftsmen that happen to understand Revit, then you don't need them at a higher salary. Pay them a similar amount as your drafters or slightly higher. Customize their templates and systems so that they maximize their productivity. Then expect them to do their jobs, which is draw and design. Doing it in Revit is not slower once you get everything setup.

    Next, ask "why did we hire them"? Was it to get work that you otherwise wouldn't have gotten? If yes, that's an immediate value add to your profits. Was it to reduce errors and save your company liability? How much did that save?

    Did you hire them to stay competitive and continue to get industry leading talent? That has a price and you may need to add a bit of markup in your bids which will be justified by your industry skill. I know our own estimators when we hire contractors will add contingency amounts because the low bid is often the low bid for a reason. The better our history with our business partners, the more we'll trust the amount they suggest.

    Finally, if you purchased "BIM" because it's the industry trend... you've missed the point entirely. You need to quantify all the reasons for BIM adoption and then either put a financial amount on it or justify the business actions you took with forecasts for long terms business gains created by your decisions. I have discovered, particularly as a contractor, justifying these transitions is fairly easy even if it takes some thought on why your decisions are made. The only mistake is if you threw money at a problem without quantifying the potential business gains first.
    Brian Myers
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    Default Re: How to measure Revit use commercially?

    Thank you Brian Myers.
    Great tip

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    Default Re: How to measure Revit use commercially?

    Hi Abdul,
    Brian did a great job responding. I would share that I went down this rabbit hole in a previous life, to the point that we were parsing Revit Journal files to obtain metrics on usage, performance, etc. We learned that we needed to refocus our efforts on development of our people, and redirect use those raw metrics to support project-level information and infrastructure issues, not Revit user performance. High performing people make Revit valuable. The metrics to evaluate those people do not exist in the software.

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