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    Is there a file sharing resource here.
    I'm looking for a BIM execution plan to incorporate into a new project.
    Fairly new to BIM

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    Default Re: File Sharing

    You can post attachments to your post. I'm not sure if the old Augi Exchange is still available or not.
    If you're looking for a BIM Execution plan, there's several you might be able to use.
    Penn State created one that has been used a lot. It includes more an IPD process.
    There are also lost of Client Based plans (Ohio State and State of Wisconsin are 2 examples)
    I think Autodesk also has one. I've seen many different examples, but none of them are the same.
    It really depends on the size and scope of the project along with the delivery method.
    Most are also tailored to a specific firm and how they work.
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