If I want to print a sheet that has a different setting to the last sheet I printed, there seems an excessive amount of clicks I have to perform.
Select printer, click setup for settings, select print setup (that I have already set up in template), click ok, click ok to print, also with lag between the 2 dialog boxes and sometimes a "settings incompatible with printer" box to click through too.

ACAD I select page setup which saves all the printer & page setup information and click ok to print. Each paperspace tab remembers the last print from that tab too.

I've looked at Xrev transmit which is great but is only beneficial if you want to print multiple sheets with different print & page setups. It takes more time than using the print dialog boxes for printing one sheet.

Am I missing something here as this doesn't seem to come up on forums, or do people just accept this is the way it works?