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    Summary: Why doesn't the name of a mode-in-place element show up in properties?

    Description: We do it every time we and choose an associated category for the element we're about to create. How come the name you chose doesn't show up in properties? You have to navigate to families in the browswer to find the name. Sometimes we have to model several similar objects and we name them using a sequential naming convention.....we forget what number we left off at, so we navigate through the browser to see what the next number or letter is in our sequence. Wouldn't it be easier to just click on the object we just modeled and see its name in the properties?

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Other

    Submitted By: Brady.Barkey752346 on 07/01/2017

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    Yes this is a very god wish. we could only see a name when we aprouch and the object is highlighted or in the project browser in families group. And thath is not good enough.

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