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    Question Controlling Greyed Out Links

    Hello all,

    our office if currently integrating Revit Mechanical into our everyday life and I've hit a little snag, probably newbie issue but I can't figure it out. The stupid part is that I've changed this before and don't remember how I did it. I would like to control the colour (amount greyed out) of links throughout my project. For instance. The Architectural model is greyed out globally throughout the project. doesn't matter if I'm in 3D, plan, section, ect. I can't seem to remember where to control this globally. I'm not talking about changing it in view templates or halftone in the visibility graphics in each individual view. It's a global setting that I can't seem to find. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    PS. The reason I'm asking is because we are having issues with links nested in the architectural model coming in black in the mechanical model. The entire architectural model is the proper shade of grey but the suites (apartments) linked within the architectural model are coming into the mechanical model black and not grey like the rest of the architectural model.

    Thanks again,

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    click on a floor go to properties. then " view template" select none.

    you ll be able to select different view options by clicking " VV"

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    Sounds like you might be looking for the 'Underlay' setting. This page might help: About the Visibility of Linked Models

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