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Thread: Insert and create instance of IFC in revit 2017

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    Default Insert and create instance of IFC in revit 2017

    i have a piping file from CADmep. i IFC it, and insert the IFC model in revit, and as you know, it does not show anything until you go to project browser > revit links > right click on the IFC model and select "Create Instance" in order to place it in the model. HOWEVER, when you do so, it asks you to click on a point as the insertion point.
    i want the model to insert at the same point as it was modeled in CADmep. what should i do to bring it in the same location AKA origin to origin?

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    Default Re: Insert and create instance of IFC in revit 2017

    Hi there. If you use 'Link IFC' you can place it according to the settings you choose. Choose 'manual' if you want to place it manually. You are getting an instance in the active workset, if you haven't been seeing it show up straight away then something is going wrong. But you asked about placing links correctly...

    There are many different ways to try and get different files to sit in the correct position. I do not know if IFC files can be placed automatically in the correct place, but you can read more from Autodesk about how to Link an IFC File. Here is my preferred low-tech method:

    * Set up a project grid if there isn't already one
    * Agree on a coordination point for all players in the project, for example at the lowest occupied level as the grid intersection A:1
    * Place an object which has a corner on the agreed point (I have my preferred object on a different computer, ask if you want it)
    * As long as all project players have an object at the same point it is always possible to place them correctly (manually)

    (there are very good reasons to use Shared Positioning with Shared Coordinates, it solves some problems which are very hard to solve in other ways)

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