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Thread: 2016 Revit US Metric AISC 14.1 Structural Column Issues

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    Default 2016 Revit US Metric AISC 14.1 Structural Column Issues

    Hello world,

    Having a weird issue with the US Metric AISC structural columns. The geometry is not following the constraints in the family and project environments. I've opened up the family and cannot find anything within the family that would be causing the issue. Both the tops and bottoms of the extrusion with in the family are locked into the levels as to be expected but once loaded into the project the physical geometry starts at the top level constraint and extends up to some random length. If I use the US Imperial AISC structural column family or just the OOTB US Metric family the columns are correctly shown in the project. Has anyone else come across this? Please see the attached pictures for the examples of the OOTB US Metric, AISC US Imperial and the AISC US Metric columns.

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