We have an old survey template that we're updating and due to how many issues it has we decided to start fresh. We have a Description Key Set and on import through a survey database everything works fine. If I use manual points creation and I use a description key with a specific point style it works fine as well. However, if I manually create points it does not respect all of the settings for points that do not have a specific point style (like a ground shot).

I have set the default point style to mimic a point style called MC_Standard. I have done this by going into toolspace > settings tab > point > right click > edit feature settings and setting the default styles to MC_Standard. In the case of a non-specific point style it is supposed to create a circle and the label style (regardless of using a specific point style or not) should show the point number, elevation, and raw description. Instead it shows an X with no label.

However, this is where it gets more fun. The point created manually still says it's using default point style and default point label style. I have been scouring toolspace and other settings to try to figure out where this setting is controlling it. Another weird thing I stumbled upon was that if you bring up the points creation pop-up box I was able to set "Disable Description Key Set" from false to true. This causes manual points to create the points the way I wanted to, but then it caused the points with specific point styles to not create properly. I don't get why disabling description key set causes it to work properly. The current description key set in my new template is something we did preserve from the old template.

Any help is appreciated.