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Thread: Capping Navisworks Sections with custom overridden hatches

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    Default Re: Capping Navisworks Sections with custom overridden hatches

    Summary: Fill-in the elements cut in Navisworks as they can in Design Review or the Online Viewer (or Revit or any other 3D software !) + Provide "capping" hatch customization through a browser item override.

    Description: It has been already 10 years that this question is in the drawer and posted every year on every single Navis Forum worldwide !
    Please provide the ability to "cap" the sections as Design Review does. To better visualize clashes when coordinating models, As already said everywhere it is really difficult to see if we are in or out a concrete element when coing coordination with multi-trade complicated civil work models or complex buildings
    I would suggest to make the "capping fill hatch" customizable (hatch type, transparency, color) at the item level in the same dialog box where we can override the transparency, color, etc. This way we could set the capping style for a whole model or whole pipe system or selected group of elements or clashing items

    Product and Feature: Navisworks Manage - Clash Detective

    Submitted By: opesch on 09/14/2017

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    Angry Re: Capping Navisworks Sections with custom overridden hatches

    After so many years of virtually no updates (certainly nothing worth while or exciting), it is disappointing to say the least that this issue has not been addressed! I'd love to take a quick poll to see how many users are willing to limit data set size for the ability to cap solid ends...

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    Default Re: Capping Navisworks Sections with custom overridden hatches

    Not here, I'm perfectly happy with no end caps. Being able to navigate through huge models with attached data is *far* more important than a somewhat fancy picture.

    This isn't a simple solution either; Navisworks works in surfaces, not solids. In order to "cap" a sectioned solid, it would have to calculate where that cap surface would be, and do it in real time. It would also have to recognize open surfaces as not all objects are closed.
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