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Thread: lisp for hatching

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    Default lisp for hatching

    I have been trying to figure out way to write a lisp routine that would do a specific hatch pattern for showing demolition work on drawings.
    what it should do is when you pick on a object or line. the lisp file would draw a box around the item selected at specific distance specified drawing and then it should auto select that object and hatch it and then erase the box. we have a certain hatch pattern that we use (dots). I have actually written some lisp code as a command that sets the pattern and hatch scale:

    (DEFUN C: DH4 ()
    (COMMAND "LAYER" "C" "163" "" "")
    (SETVAR "HPANG" 0)

    sorry for the all the all caps, that's how they want me to do code.
    just trying to find away to get the hatching done faster and looking nice and neat

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