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Thread: Exporting drawings into PDF with editable text fields/forms

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    Default Exporting drawings into PDF with editable text fields/forms

    Hey all,

    I ask for a much coveted solution from you. At work the company has us include inventory and scheduling information on the drawings that we export and send to account managers in PDF. If account managers change inventory and scheduled dates, they have to run to us to to get the information changed on the drawing and re-exported in PDF. This isn't optimal.

    Instead, account managers should be able to type in dates and inventory data on a completed drawing exported into PDF, since the drawing itself does not change.

    Can such functionality be achieved in AutoCAD? Any alternative solutions that can be automated?

    Insight is appreciated.


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    Default Re: Exporting drawings into PDF with editable text fields/forms

    Use a database with data links within your drawing. They could update the database before PDF creation and you could update the drawing with the new information. You may find an old AU course that deals with data links.
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    Default Re: Exporting drawings into PDF with editable text fields/forms

    Quote Originally Posted by Opie View Post
    you could update
    That defeats the purpose. Yes, of course I can update the drawing, that's the inefficient way. Every solution must not involve me after I finished the drawing and exported it to PDF.

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