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Thread: Block Insertion Lisp/ Palette command - - HELP!

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    Default Block Insertion Lisp/ Palette command - - HELP!

    I'm trying to create what should be a very simple lisp routine, or maybe something that can just be put into the pallet as a macro command. Either way; I'm happy as long as it works.

    I need to insert a block named grdot into the drawings, but there are variables. I need it to match the annotation scale, plus a user input prompt for either sheet size B, or D.
    If it's D size, then the block needs to be inserted at twice the annotation scale, for B size, it would just need to be scaled at the annotation scale.

    I'm not having any luck figuring it out and and I'm relatively new at lisp.

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    Default Re: Block Insertion Lisp/ Palette command - - HELP!

    Please upload a sample.dwg
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    Default Re: Block Insertion Lisp/ Palette command - - HELP!

    You could write it all in one line or what would be better would be to use a lisp that you pass the block name.
    not tested
    ^c^c^p(if (not insblk)(load "insblk"))(insblk "grdot"))
    lisp file
    (defun insblk (bname  / sheet sz )
    (setq sheet (strcase (getstring "Enter sheet size B or D")))
    ((= sheet "B")(setq sz 2.0))
    ((= sheet "D")(setq sz 1.0))
    (command "-insert" (getpoint) bname sz 0.0)

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