I think I've searched extensively enough to post a thread on this subject, as I can't find answers elsewhere.

I need to build graphic overrides for links into the project template. This is for an MEP template to control the architecture and structural links (both Revit and AutoCAD).

My first thought was to build in dummy links, but when the link is replaced, the name change resets the overrides built into the View Templates.

My second idea was to build the overrides into Filters. With the links on a X_Links workset, a Filter set to that workset could be used to override the graphics. BUT, worksets aren't part of project template files, so I can't build that in either. I can create a Filter within a workshared file, but it would have to be done on each project manually.

The third option appears to be having an RVT workshared "template" file, that new projects are detached from, instead of the typical RTE file. I've read of this approach elsewhere, especially for building in the company standard worksets, but it seems backwards and could lead to errors when users start projects incorrectly.

So my question to the community is, do you see another way to build this functionality into an RTE file?

My thanks in advance.