How does everyone else calculate the material square footage based on an elevation view, particularly Exterior Elevations? I have not been able to figure out a good way to do this in Revit, let alone anyway at all, and I consider myself a Revit scheduling nerd. Each elevation has to have its own square footage breakdown in a schedule. This is a city requirement, not something I want to do.

Currently, I export all 4 elevations to AutoCAD and draw polylines and add those square footage number to a spreadsheet. Is there an easier way to accomplish this with Revit?

I design projects that have at least 15 building types (yes, that's 60 separate elevations) and I spend at least 1 week just to perform this task, just to use this information for 1 city submittal and is an enormous waste of time. I have yet to find a thread anywhere that gives me a better solution.