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    Exclamation Exterior Elevation Material %

    How does everyone else calculate the material square footage based on an elevation view, particularly Exterior Elevations? I have not been able to figure out a good way to do this in Revit, let alone anyway at all, and I consider myself a Revit scheduling nerd. Each elevation has to have its own square footage breakdown in a schedule. This is a city requirement, not something I want to do.

    Currently, I export all 4 elevations to AutoCAD and draw polylines and add those square footage number to a spreadsheet. Is there an easier way to accomplish this with Revit?

    I design projects that have at least 15 building types (yes, that's 60 separate elevations) and I spend at least 1 week just to perform this task, just to use this information for 1 city submittal and is an enormous waste of time. I have yet to find a thread anywhere that gives me a better solution.

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    Personally I'd never look at SQ footage based on view, it should be based on building.
    In that case I'd use separate wall types and schedule those. It's a lot easier to do it that way.
    You can added a Project parameter that you could then use to filter out the schedule per building type, or put each building in it's own model.
    The hard part with SQ FT of elevations is how do you do that on a curved wall? The area based on elevation won't ever match.
    Or if you have a wall that on an angle in plan or if it's sloped you can't do it.
    Just my 2 cents
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