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Thread: Need help with my code.

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    Default Need help with my code.

    Hello to All
    Thanks to those that will help with this one.
    I need help with my code. I am trying to draw an offset Tee with autolisp, but am having trouble with pt8. I have included two programs, one is TO-Offset Tee which works perfectly. The other is TOSD , this one is the one that I need help with. I cannot get the (pt to go plot correctly.
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    Default Re: Need help with my code.

    Just look at pt3 but polar from pt1

    I would look into a dynamic block then can just pick from a "look up" the correct size combination.

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    Default Re: Need help with my code.

    Thank You
    I looked at pt3 as you pointed out and my code worked, thank you so much for your help.

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