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Thread: using cut geometry in a wall loses my material?

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    Default using cut geometry in a wall loses my material?

    Hi, first time posting here.

    Been using Revit MEP for a long time, new to Architecture.

    Revit 2017

    So anyway, my problem is that i used cut geometry to make an indent into a brick wall, yet the cut area shows up as flat grey, not brickwork. (see attached).

    To make the indent, i made a model-in-place, made the category 'wall'. and used the void extrusion model to make the shape and then used it to cut the geometry.

    The wall is a basic wall type (see wall settings attachment)

    I first thought my indent went to far into the wall and hit the next layer, but that wasn't it. I also tried to hide the model i'd made.

    so yeah, how do i make the indented area show the same material as the wall it is placed on?

    thank you, ill check back here tomorrow.
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