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    Question Color


    I've had a rough time trying to add color to objects in Revit. Is there anyone who could assist me?

    I have a family, considered 'specialty equipment'. I am trying to have different types of this family, each with its own unique color. I can't get it to function. I know that your visual style setting (realistic, wireframe, ray trace etc..) is a factor, but nothing seems to work. I do not want to go to MANAGE>OBJECT STYLES.... and call every instance of 'specialty equipment' (of which there are many families and types) the one same color. I need different, unique colors.

    I would be grateful for any help offered.


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    Welcome to the forums.
    You can add color by assigning different materials to each family type or create filters to override the surface color of the object based on one of its parameters (likely family name)
    check out this short video by Edwin Guerra at Summit Technologies
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