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    Default Construction Cost Schedule

    Hello AUGI World - I'm not used to operating with schedules at the best of time but I have a unique (I think) set of hurdles. I think I've ascertained that a takeoff is not a good route as I'm looking for my totals based on pieces or for walls, a total linear feet not material area.

    My files are commercial buildings with multiple bays, the base building is sitting in one "design option" and each bay is drawn in another. Each bay will have the same wall types and I'd like to be able to have Revit do the work and pull out each design option into each schedule. So I made a wall schedule, I got the parameters working nicely and everything calculating totals - the only thing I can't seem to get is the design options - even if I turn one on in visibility, the others are set to automatic, not "none" or something which I would have expected. How do I get only one design option in the schedule?

    In a perfect world though, I'd like to be able to have only one multi category schedule, but it doesn't seem possible to pull out things like walls. I thought perhaps creating a new parameter and selecting all the items I wanted included, but again Mr. Wall isn't there...Can I even do this, and If so, what am I doing wrong?

    Speak slowly, I'm new to this

    Thanks for your time!

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    Default Re: Construction Cost Schedule

    So I think where you made the mistake was using a separate design option Sets per bay.
    You can only control which design option you're scheduling, not which design Option Set.
    But what you can do (frankly this is the easiest way in my mind) is to add a project parameter so you can filter out what you want.
    So maybe you make a project parameter called "Bay Number" and apply that parameter to every category. I'd make it a text based parameter as they tend to provide the most flexibility for something like this. Then select all the elements in the individual bay and fill out that project parameter "Bay 1" for example.
    Then you can filter your schedule down to individual bays.
    Another option I've seen for something like that was to use Phasing instead of design options. Personally I like the Project parameter, but it really depends on what your doing.
    Hope this helps.
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