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    Default combine schedules

    Hi Everyone!

    I've been trying to combine schedules but somehow is not working.

    I'm working in a project where the client have a schedule for every single piece. some of them aren't model families within the project as they are just extras they add to their counts in case the builder damage the products or they go missing

    I want to have my parts key schedule with my multicategory schedule but i cant seem to succeed. The multicatergory schedule is parametric the other one is just text fields as the elements arent modeled, as i said before.

    I tried combining parameters, text and the parametric ones, maybe is an impossisble task but i just want to know if it is impossible before i even give up. Has anyone try this before?


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    Default Re: combine schedules

    If I understand correctly you're trying to combine views of model data (Schedules) with manually types text. I'm pretty sure you can't do that. It's one or the other - and text will always just be text. (In Sheet Lists and with Group Headers can you do some interesting stuff but I don't think they're relevant to your question)

    But you can always combine exports from the model with other manual data in a spreadsheet. It's not without problems but it can be done. The Import/Export Excel AddIn from BIMone might be helpful for that:

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