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Thread: schedules parameters

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    Unhappy schedules parameters

    Hi Everyone!

    I am currently working in a schedule i received from a client and i need to transfer the data from a piece of paper to Revit so the program does it for us and we dont need to insert the data manually.

    Let me explain whats the system they have in order for you guys to understand what i am trying to obtain

    The way they have the schedule setup is in 'sets'. They are grouping all the elements on the project into sets. For example they have families with 2x3 peg panels, then other with 4x4 peg panels and so on. I have create a set code for those to be grouped together based on the number of panels...but further down in the same schedule i realized they have another code and description for the same families but this time they are grouping the families into female and male fixtures based on the fittings.

    I am aware that i cant have the same parameter twice in the same family. Do you guys know how can i have the families in the same schedule twice in different 'set' (different code and description)? I've been killing myself trying to figure this out and cant find a way to do it, not even the guys at work know if it can be done

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: schedules parameters

    You could use dynamo to fill that data out based on unique type parameter or type name.
    Or you could even have dynamo generically place them and fill out the parameters in your model. Lots of options with Dynamo.
    I'd suggest you start by looking there.
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