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Thread: Wall Graphics Confusion

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    Default Wall Graphics Confusion

    So this is a strange question that I'm not quite sure to go about asking. Basically on our revit drawings anytime a wall joins with an existing demising wall it shows the new wall cutting into the existing wall by about an inch. I attached a picture of whats happening. My boss does not like the look of this, but I don't even know where to begin with changing it. You cannot even select the lines in the demising wall with the lineweight tool. Can anything be done about this or is this just a revit quirk?
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    Default Re: Wall Graphics Confusion

    I assume your existing demising Wall has multiple components, and the outer component is the same thickness as what appears to be GWB in your W2A new construction Wall. The graphics you see are a result of the Wall join. Disallow Wall join at the end of your W2A Wall that abuts the demising Wall, and you can then position the end at the demising Wall without any overlap/penetration (except for any lineweight differential).
    David Koch

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