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Thread: Rev cloud too smart

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    Default Rev cloud too smart

    The company I'm working for at the moment use rev cloud to highlight revisions but also use it to highlight holds. To differentiate between a revision and a hold the cloud around the hold is inverted (like a holly leaf). They have just upgraded to Acad2005 and when you use rev cloud it automatically corrects itself to look like a cloud if you draw it the wrong way round. Is there a variable/setting to stop the rev cloud correcting itself.



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    Default Re: Rev cloud too smart

    I LOVE the new revcloud! I've found that I can create a polyline (open or closed) around whatever I need clouded. Then when I choose the revcloud tool, I read my command will give me the option for a reverse cloud if I need it.

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    Dan, I have just been trying for the last couple of weeks to solve that exact problem with 2005, for the same reasons. The only solution I have found is similar to the one Izaras posted and I just discovered it today on the Autodesk forums. The key is that the REVCLOUD command also works as a property change command, but you have to run it twice to get the selections you want.

    Start REVCLOUD, check and set the min/max arc lengths you want and draw a conventional cloud. Once the command is closed, start it again, check that your arc lengths are correct (or you can change them if you wish) and accept the default <Object>. Select the cloud you just drew (or any other that you want to change. You will then see the prompt "Reverse direction [Yes/No] <No>:". Type "Y" for yes and your cloud will reverse its orientation. Note that it will also revert to the current layer so you might want to make sure it's on the correct layer after doing this.

    This editing procedure works also for a polyline, circle or any other shape, as Izaras mentioned, but I prefer to see the cloud shape initially, especially in a cramped area. However, I can see uses for this if you want your cloud to have a nice round, square or rectangular shape for example - using a circle makes nice flowers if you get the arc length set right.

    While I can see the logic in the way Autodesk has done this and I like how you can modify an existing cloud, it would be nice if you could do the editing as a continuation of the REVCLOUD command, something similar to PEDIT. It would also be rather nice if this was better documented in Help so one could find it there instead of having to search all over on the net to find a solution.


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