Wondering if others have seen this issue.

Working within a SheetSet in AutoCAD 2018, I have inserted a sheet reference into the text of an MLEADER using a FIELD. The FIELD points to a sheet within the SheetSet and the "Associate hyperlink" options was selected.

When I publish the SheeSet to PDF from within the SSM, all hyperlinked FIELDS work except those in MLEADERS. "Publish to PDF" is using the AutoCAD PDF (General Documentation).pc3 file.

This appears to be unique to MLEADERS.

As I test, I have done the following:

Within a model file, XREF'd into a Sheet File, I created the following:

- Hyperlinked Field in an MTEXT entity
- Hyperlinked Field in a TEXT entity
- Hyperlinked Field in text of a LEADER
- Hyperlinked Field in the MTEXT of a QLEADER
- Hyperlinked Field in Attribute of BLOCK
- Hyperlinked Field in the MTEXT of an MLEADER

In all cases, the hyperlinks function in the PDF as expected, except the one in the MLEADER text.

To rule out an issue with the MLEADER in an XREF vs the PS of the sheet file, placed an MLEADER in PS of the Sheet file --> that hyperlink does not work either

Have others seen this issue and is there a solution that still allows the use of MLEADERS?

Thank you