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Thread: Masks/Wipeout for Blocks

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    Unhappy Masks/Wipeout for Blocks


    I am having trouble with masking/wipeout for blocks (such as detail bubbles) on plan drawings. I have tried the masking block, but they only seem to work with AEC objects. I also tried to add a wipeout to the block definition when creating the tool through the content wizard, but that crashes AutoCAD when I try to insert it from the Design Center. There has to be an easy way to do this, but I can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Ah, yes. The vaunted masking issues of ADT.

    This is something you'll need to experiment with & see what makes the most sense for what you do. AutoCAD Wipeouts will work for both acad & ADT objects (just use the draworder to bring stuff forward or backwards). Mask blocks are great for ADT only stuff.

    For something like detail bubbles, I would utilize the masking utlility built into MTEXT. For other stuff, don't try to use Wipeouts & Masking Blocks at the same time. I remember using polylines alot for mask blocks. Once I got a mask block I liked I stuck it on a tool palette & used it from there. I don't remember the exact order of how I went about getting it onto the palette, but I think I figured out just by playing around with it until it worked.
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