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Thread: Adding Baluster family to railing editor

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    2 questions

    See attached jpeg.

    1 - Does anybody have a baluster family that could perhaps make my rings or how would one be made. The rings are 4" Dia x 1/2" sq crs.

    2 - How does one add a family to the baluster editor drop down box when you are in the "edit baluster placement window."
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    Default Re: Adding Baluster family to railing editor

    I believe you need to find a increment where the rings and bars pattern repeats...for example 5 bars for each 3 circles.

    Build a baluster family using this pattern and import into your project. Then it will be available to your railing style when editing.

    I think you'll be constrained to placing railings that are nearly the exact multiple of the pattern unless you use the "fit" option, then they'll adjust a bit, but look funny if you are very far off of a multiple of the pattern repeat.

    Check out the sample balusters in the BALUSTER folder...there is a panel and four attachment components in one that is the general concept except you subtitute the pieces you need instead.

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