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Thread: Error Code 1602 & SP1

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    Angry Error Code 1602 & SP1

    A few folks in our office using ADT 2005 are having the problem of lockup or dramatic slowdown when using the Layer Properties dropdown. It was installed using a network install. After getting the old Error Code 1602 when installing SP1, we got around the network access problems and the Service Pack installed OK.
    However, after installing the SP, the problem persists.
    Any help?

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    Default Re: Error Code 1602 & SP1

    This isn't nessecarily related to the SP. It's more likely that you hsve an over abundance of layer filters built up from legacy drawings. The lisp routine at the end of the thread for Layer Manager & Layer drop down are slow to open in the AutoCAD FAQ Forum should solve your issues.
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    Default Re: Error Code 1602 & SP1

    Deleting the Layer Filters did the trick. Also, there were a large number of Registered Apps attached to the file. After purging those out, the files are working fine.
    Thanks for your help.

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