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Thread: How to purge these naughty blocks?

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    Angry How to purge these naughty blocks?

    Hello all,
    Here is genuine problem.
    We are using iso.dwt template to make model and drawings with Mechanical desktop.
    I have created a group and while copying this group from one drawing to other I came across error something like “Duplicate definition of block GENAXEH ignored.” And nothing is copied.

    I also cannot understand how this block GENAXEH has become part of my group????

    Now after rigorous search I found that there are two blocks 1) GENAXEH 2) _Open30 inherent in iso.dwt which are nothing but lines. Also these blocks cannot be purged with purge command.

    But if you see template ansi.dwt there is no block by default, which cannot be purged.

    I have also checked MDT installation at some different location than my office but iso.dwt has same blocks which can not be purged,

    CAN ANYBODY help me to solve this problem?

    Best regards,
    Pravin kulkarni.

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    Default Re: How to purge these naughty blocks?

    Well the block "GENAXEH" and "_Open30" may belong to a default dimensionstyle
    If you create a new dimensionstyle without those block, and erase all ( if exist ) dimensions belonging to the default dimensionstyle
    and then purge, they are probably gone.

    But it will happen again, and you will see “Duplicate definition of block MyNewDimensionTickBlock ignored.”
    because when you insert a block into your drawing, and the block already is in place
    AutoCad will warn you that the block is not updated.

    Sometimes you will not see anything graphically, because it is only the block definition that is inserted
    but when the block definition is inserted the block is ready to insert and use graphically.

    You can try this
    Command: _dimstyle to select a dimensionstyle and [Set Current]
    Command: _dimlinear and insert one dimension
    Command: _explode the inserted dimension
    Command: _list P ( select previous ) and you will see lines, text, and BLOCK probably "GENAXEH" and/or "_Open30"

    "And nothing is copied" I do not think "GENAXEH" and "Open30" cause the problem,
    I think you must find an other reason, try to wblock your objects...

    : ) Happy Computing !

    BTW I do not have Mechanical desktop


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