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Thread: Moving Revit Projects to New Server

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    Default Re: Moving Revit Projects to New Server

    Seams strange to me that the central file cares where it's located in the first place. It's the working files that should care where the central file is... no?

    Resaving the central file is just changing the path name it contains so that it knows it's located UNC-wise to match it's current path... something that i just don't see why it's necessary in the firstplace, but certainly not changing anything in the file that might break it, i'd think.
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    Default Re: Moving Revit Projects to New Server

    We are having the same issue. We have re-saved the central, and repathed the links. The issue we are having now is that all of our standards, families and templates were on the server that has changed names. We changed these paths in the .ini file, but this has had no effect. If we try and access a new family, or do any kind of 'save as' operation it takes 10-15mins before Revit gives up looking for the old server and gives you the option of navigating to a new location.

    Any ideas? The last resort is reinstalling Revit, as these paths seem to be imbedded within the program somwhere.


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    Default Re: Moving Revit Projects to New Server

    This is still the case with Revit Archicture 2011. Revit is more concerned with how your drive letter is mapped, than to what the drive is mapped to.

    For instance. If your central file was created in a drive that was mapped via an IP address such as \\\Projects, and your computer is mapped to that same drive letter via \\Server-F01\Projects, (to the same exact server and folders), when you browse to the central file, Revit will not open the Create New Local box for you. You will need to fix the drive map accordingly, or browse to the file via the original path directly.

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    Default Re: Moving Revit Projects to New Server

    I would like some more info on this as well, since we're planning to upgrade our server in the near future (5 years and just now nearing the ~250GB capacity) and we will likely delegate the old server to DHCP, domain controller, FTP server, that sort of thing.

    We also use a login.bat script that maps drive letters on everyone's machine when they log on. However when saving to a Central file, Revit lists the central model location as \\server\aerc\2011 Projects\Project Name\... and so on. The "aerc" folder is a shared folder on the server's C:\ drive, and is mapped as the Z:\ drive on all machines.

    We also have our archived data stored on an external HDD that shows up as drive E: on the server, and is mapped as the Y:\ drive on all machines. I'll likely just connect that to the new server and set it up the same way as the E drive.

    Now, we plan to move EVERYTHING that we normally use and store (stored in the shared folders that show up as mapped drives) to the new machine. So could we, or should we, rename the current server to like "Server Old" and name the new machine as "server", and if so would that keep all the file locations happy?

    I'm kind of in charge of network and IT stuff around here even though I have no formal IT training. I'll probably have to get our IT consultant in on some of this when the time comes to order and set up a new server.
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