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Thread: Visibility Parameter Enhancement

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    Default Visibility Parameter Enhancement

    Summary: The ability to add more than one visibility parameter to a dynamic block.

    Description: Dynamic Block Visibility Parameter Enhancements

    How Used: Specifically the Visibility parameter...Having Multiple Visibility parameters would enable us to make changes to different parts of the block...This would help out in the creation...If you have 4 different things that can be in 2 different places in the block, the single visibility Param gets quite long...My example would have 16 different selections when only one per side is needed.

    Feature Affinity: Blocks

    Submitted By: Ray Mendoza on December 29, 2005

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    Default Re: Visibility Parameter Enhancement

    The example I was thinking of is this...If you have a 2-gang wall box...There can only be 2 lighting controls inside that wall box...Well, if you have 4 different products that can go together, then you have 16 different combinations...If you had multiple visibility parameters, all you would need is one parameter for each control rather than one parameter that lists the 16 different combinations...

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    Default Re: Visibility Parameter Enhancement

    Thanks for the additional clarification; it always helps

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